Molly Markley - [snake_river]



Molly Markley
(Jackson, OH)


Acrylic Street Art Marker and Oil on Canvas


24” x 36” x 2”


Artist Statement:

Molly Markley will receive a BA in Studio Art from Ohio University in May 2021, her focus studies being in graphic design and painting. Her work often draws on her background in studying chemical engineering, focusing on the intersection of modern technological “progress” and the natural world. Though her primary focus is painting, Molly works in multiple mediums, as the experimentation process is important to her. Her work has been exhibited in the US. She recently received the “Award for Technical and Conceptual Excellence” from Ohio University’s President and First Lady in the School of Art and Design’s Fall 2020 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition.

In the near future, she is planning to pursue an MFA to further her artistic studies and explore opportunities to further blend art and science. Currently, she works on a commission basis to create custom art, and is an artist at NeverEnding, a web-based storytelling platform.


The Snake River once produced half the salmon in the Columbia Basin – now, every Snake River salmon stock is on the endangered species list or extinct. This directly caused by the construction of four deadbeat dams: Ice Harbor Dam, Lower Monumental Dam, Little Goose Man, and Lower Granite Dam.

On Saturday Oct. 3, 2015, over 300 people – fishermen, Native Americans, farmers, Orca lovers, business owners, and conservationists – joined the Free the Snake Flotilla to call for the removal of the 4 dams on the Lower Snake River in Southeastern Washington. Over 130,000 people have signed petitions asking government leaders to Free the Snake, which has only been met with threats or inactions.