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Rachel Owen
(Lockport, IL)


Photographic Composite Printed on Fine Art Satin Baryta


23” x 17.5”



Artist Statement:

The 12 images in Response are an interpretation of the 2020 covid pandemic and the resulting cultural and political melee. It is a glimpse into modern society's polarization and paramount need for social acceptance and simultaneous imperative self-isolation.  It explores exfoliation of social interaction to reveal the heart of the self, experienced in a new way, or perhaps for the first time, by so many in first world countries. It explores a new relationship with the self both welcomed and resisted, and how the turmoil of pandemic is a metaphor for pandemic of the soul.

 The images are designed in such a way as the viewer will see his/her own political agenda glorified. As much as Response is about inner turmoil and reflection there is also a sense of hope and rebirth attached to the images. It probes at a new sense of self and a hopeful restart that can come from humanity and the earth if only we choose to activate it.


Home (and/or other situations) should be a safe and secure place but sometimes it's not. One would expect an image portraying this to be ugly, but I chose to make it beautiful because the transformation that occurs when someone sets themselves free is one of the most beautiful shifts in existence.