Jelisa Peterson - After the Rains

After the Rains


Jelisa Peterson
(Austin, TX)


Archival Pigment Print


14” x 11”


Artist Statement:

I have been making black and white documentary images in Mozambique since 1996. I was fortunate to be able to return to Mozambique in 2020. My work deals with, among other things, poverty and more particularly child poverty, women’s unpaid work as well as extreme inequalities in sexual division of labor and the disastrous effects of climate change in coastal areas. Each of these issues can be seen in various contexts throughout the entire world though in poorer and more culturally conservative places they can be more entrenched and difficult change. Hopefully attention to these images and other timely work in the exhibition can lead to greater understanding and more importantly action to create change. Change cannot come quickly enough in each of the areas my images highlight. Some people and governments may say they disagree with all of the above. In my opinion, inequality in women’s labor is the least likely to be agreed upon issue because it has existed throughout human history.


A palm tree is reflected on flood water in between and around some homes.