Eralda Balaj - Safe Zone

Safe Zone


Eralda Balaj
(Mamaroneck, NY)


Mixed Media


24” x 36”


Artist Statement:

It took 6 minutes and 20 seconds for 17 innocent people to be taken away from the world in Parkland, Florida on February 14th, 2018. Most school shootings are not mentioned on the news unless it has a large body count. In nearly a decade, there have been 395 school shootings in the United States, and amazingly, 97 of those have been in 2018. There have been 22 school shooting incidents in just 2019 so far and out of those there have only been 4 deaths in total. As someone who wants to be a teacher, the last thing I want to worry about is someone entering the school with the intention of fatal harm. The people in power have been so oblivious to the biggest issue in our country; how easy it is for children and adults to purchase a powerful weapon for the use of taking innocent lives. This is not a political statement; this is a statement to remind you of the safety of our children and educators.