Anders Sandstrom - Paronoia Town

Paronoia Town


Anders Sandstrom
(Indianapolis, IN)


Letterpress and Woodcut


22” x 15”


Artist Statement:

Much of my work involves social satire or more broadly, some aspect of the human condition. Inclusion of the painted word is new to me. This is probably a response to the immediacy of messaging I've been getting in the production of Letterpress posters of late. I was drawn to the theme of this show and the question grey vs. black and white. With our society subdivided into such a  ""create your own"" reality bubble universe...well, what does society think? Love the question...but now is everything grey or black & white?


Paranoia Town is a "promotional poster" for what has become a very popular destination. Without the need for even a location on the physical plane of existence, Paranoia Town is accessible to everyone.

Paranoia Town was printed using a combination of a woodcut block and moveable wood and metal type on a Vandercook Universal 1 proof press. It was printed on Speckletone from the French Paper Company.