Aharon Kritzer - Scripture Reading

Scripture Reading. Self Portrait.


Aharon Kritzer
(Shoham Israel)




50cm x 30cm


Artist Statement:

I am involved in art, with a camera as my working tool.

The camera accompanies me wherever I go (except on the Sabbath, when I take no pictures). We set out together on a journey, not knowing who we will meet or what we will discover. We answer the call to Abraham: “Go out”.

I am also involved in Jewish mysticism: study, teaching, and spiritual practice, combining the spirit of my ancestral tradition with other spiritual traditions such as the Sufic tradition within Islam, Buddhism, and Zen.

These two worlds are connected: the camera and mysticism join hands within me for spiritual practice. What that means is hard to explain in brief, but what captivates me is the divine connections between what is present in the real world and what lies beyond it. That is how I experience and photograph nature, performance art, modern dance, art, and rituals from other spiritual traditions around the world.

For me the camera is a tool that I use to extend, express.