Armin Amirian - Today's Iranian Women

Today's Iranian Women


Armin Amirian
(Isfahan, Iran)


Dye Sublimation on Aluminum


15.75” x 12.13”




Artist Statement:

To me, as a human being, art is a world full of peace, beauty, and great feelings. Even if it’s supposed to describe pain or bitterness, I think it makes it beautiful, lovely, and human.

And as an artist, art is the common language of humanity to me. It doesn’t matter where you are born, if your heart beats for human wisdom and a world without violence and seeks freedom, you can talk to people of different countries with it; by a musical piece for instance.

I try to start a dialogue with my audience despite race, language, and birthplace.

As an example, “Today’s Woman” is a frozen but melting photo of the Miss Universe contest of Iran before the 1979’s islamic revolution. It doesn’t exist for women here anymore. Nothing exists called today's woman! (which is written on the top right)

Is it even possible not to see half of the society?! But I saw it in my lifetime and in these 40 years of the 1979 revolution!

My mother, my sister, my friends are all these exact today's women.

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