Gray Issue Art
Border Wall Geometry by Maria Trunk & Chuck Kooshian

Border Wall Geometry


Maria Trunk & Chuck Kooshian
(Socorro, NM)


Inkjet Print on Archival Paper, Steel Crossbars


27” x 17” x 1”


Artist Statement:

I was moved to do a series on the Border Wall not just in response to the cruelty of US immigration policies, but more broadly as a commentary on the rigid thinking the wall embodies. COVID-19 and climate collapse (to name only two current crises) demonstrate in concrete ways that our society must transcend outmoded ideas of borders -- us v. them, rich v. poor, inside/outside -- if we are to have any hope for a humane future on this planet. By not doing so, we cannot escape bouncing back on our own reflections, making no progress, standing inert like the figure portrayed in this composition. Even though no specific solution is offered, I hope this piece may inspire viewers to examine unquestioned categorizations. Only by breaking out of our mental constraints can we begin the slow, difficult work of talking to those with whom we disagree, searching for common ground, building trust and ultimately cooperating to effectively and equitably address global challenges.


This image has been extracted, duplicated and arranged to draw attention to the Wall’s artificiality and the rigid thinking it represents. The print is mounted between parallel bars of angle iron to remind viewers of the overwhelming physicality of the Wall – the thing itself is no abstraction.

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