Matthew Phelan - Ponos



Matthew Phelan
(New Orleans, LA)


Archival Pigment Print


24” x 24”


Artist Statement:

I think of my art as reanimation. I dig through the forgotten works of photographers long since past, looking at historical images through a modern lens. My work breathes new life into these relics, weaving them together to create something entirely different. Something the original photographers could have never envisioned. I invite the viewer to glance into the past. But not our shared, agreed upon past. A new past. Looking backwards into the multiverse. Through a glass, darkly. 

For this series in particular, I’ve also brought pagan deities back from the dead. Mythical beings for whom entire temples were built. Gods and goddesses who were worshipped. Revered. Now, many are all but erased from modern culture.


Photo montage comprised of public domain imagery acquired from the Library of Congress.

Ponos is the ancient Greek personification of hardship and toil.