Cedric Tai - Daily Advice Page-A-Day Calendar (2022)

Daily Advice Calendar


Cedric Tai
(Los Angeles, CA)


Custom Page-A-Day Calendar (Print on Paper)


6” x 6” x 1”


Artist Statement:

I'm an undisciplinary artist and educator and I make artwork to tickle, cajole and inspire people to consider their fears, limits and individual aspirations with curiosity.  Recently someone said that I’m 'Pathologically Curious’, which is the most tender way I’ve ever heard my ADHD (aka Time-Blindness, aka Intention Deficit Disorder) described back to me.  Some of my work is setup systematically (coding / spreadsheets / workshops / repetition) so that I can focus on the way that I want to elicit a response from a specific audience.  Other works are like love letters wherein I come to know someone through the process of making the work.  What brings my work together is the magic element of PLAY; Play that begins in the landscape of the unconscious, made of doubt, ritual, grief, healing, honesty, tiny pleasures, guilt and responsibility. All of these elements are authentic and alive in my work, speaking to each other. That conversation is what I hope the viewer experiences.


Updated/printed every year since 2014 as my commentary on design: Styles come and go but the draining message stays the same. Each comes with a long lasting ceramic holder and gifted to friends in the art industry who work too hard. Thankfully it's taken in good humor as a reminder to check oneself.