ME Wilcox - Train Up A Child God, Guns & Greed

Train Up A Child God, Guns & Greed


ME Wilcox
(Garland, TX)


Fiber Art


25” x 25” x 12


Artist Statement:

As an American expat who lived outside of my culture for many years, I view the culture from an unusual perspective.  American society changed radically whilst I lived overseas, and when I returned to the USA I did not recognize it.  My art is a response to the current social climate - be it religion, popular culture, social mores, or political themes.  With the ever increasing influence of social media and biased ""news"" outlets on public opinion, society can be convinced of anything.  My work is a commentary, of sorts, on this phenomenon...a statement on the insidious nature of beliefs vs. facts in the realm of public opinion.  Coming from Texas, where indoctrination into political and religious conservatism starts at birth, I have created a realistic baby mobile, to be hung above a child's crib to ""train up a child"" in the ""values"" of religious extremism, guns & consumerism.


A social commentary artwork in the style of a baby mobile.  This piece is my response to witnessing the normalization of religious fanaticism, unadulterated greed, and gun worship in my culture (USA).