Gregg Rodriguez - Six Degrees of Covid Separation

Six Degrees of Covid Separation


Gregg Rodriguez
(San Francisco, CA)


Acrylic, Charcoal and Marker on Wood


20 x 20 x 5


Artist Statement:

This series was inspired by the pandemic and the isolation that resulted, which caused anxiety, depression and other mental health issues and concerns. It reflects what I was experiencing, what I was hearing from others and what I was seeing on social media about how people were feeling or dealing with their issues or not dealing with them. When I posted them on social media, I received ""thank you"" messages from several people grateful that I expressed what they were feeling because it made them feel less alone, and less bad about how they were feeling. It's so unfortunate that society has made us feel that we are supposed to be happy all the time and if we're not, then something is wrong with us. To be whole, we must feel our feelings and express them and find ways to address and manage them in a balanced, empathetic and compassionate manner.


This is part of a series I started during the pandemic lockdown where I spent a lot of time alone and on social media. The series reflects what I was reading, experiencing and hearing from my friends and online.