Connie Creek - No Direction Home

No Direction Home


Connie Creek
(Lake Quivira, KS)


Aluminum Acrylic, Canvas Paper, Aluminum Screening


27” x 19” x 1”


Artist Statement:

My pieces address the ongoing economic disparity and it consequential effects endured disproportionately by people of color. During the pandemic many lower income families, often minimum wage earners, lost their financial stability. In ""No DIrection Home"" I reference the housing crisis that ensued as a result of job loss in 2020. While in ""Disproportionate"" I challenge the viewer to acknowledge the underlying implication of non-access to adequate health care, health practices, and how this impacts Black Americans, witnessed vividly in their difficult response to corona virus infection.


No Direction Home Is a mixed media piece from a series called Screentime. It is comprised of a repurposed wall of a house-shaped cage bearing an eviction notice on the door. A figure of a man faces away from us outside the home. Various tactile surfaces (fabric, aluminum, cardboard, paper, etc.) describe the worn household furniture thrown outside with the man. The images are sewn into aluminum mesh allowing a shadow of the event to be cast, while at the same time removing it from our immediate experience.