Robert Long - A Song For George Floyd

A Song For George Floyd


Robert Long
(Southern Pines, NC)




12” x 28”


Artist Statement:

I am a middle aged photographer whose Southern ancestors include men who owned slaves, as well as men and women opposed to enslavement. Some believed all men were created equal; some believed only white men were created equal, and others were chattel to be worked, vermin to be exterminated, heathens to be converted and indentured, or dowried women to take a man’s name and bear his heirs. Among the women, some surely believed that an equality limited (by white men) to white men was nothing better than a self-fulfilling prophecy full of hypocrisies large and small, due for a different reckoning and judgment in times to come.

Those times have come; they come over and over as struggles and as opportunities, in the Emancipation Proclamation, the Suffrage, Brown v Board of Education, the Civil Rights Act. When will they overcome the old evils embodied in white men amassing power? These photographs, from my project “Juneteenth” affirm that change is going to come, led by women of color.


This is a clergywoman leading a spiritual at the June 3 2020 memorial for George Floyd in Southern Pines, NC. It is a pose of questioning, supplication, uplift, and embrace and all who joined in the song.