Jacob Stiltner - Delusion Collusion

Delusion Collusion


Jacob Stiltner
(Miami, FL)




16” x 20”


Artist Statement:

My artwork focuses on political hypocrisy and utilizes various mediums such as paintings and fibers. I document different topics and talking points through satire and numerous types of word play. Every day I see new issues and events that need to be talked about. Different groups try and spin these issues in a convoluted way to misinform the public to get their approval and to demonize their opponents. I make sure to get a clear and concise message across to the general public, through the use of humor the message is easier to understand.


During the 2020 election the president's lawyer mislead the public into believing his delusional lies about voter fraud. He couldn't let it go and tried to change the outcome of the democratic election. They said there was loads of evidence of fraud but when push comes to shove they crumbled.