Martin Dunn - Testimony



Martin Dunn
(Sarasota, FL)


Oil on Canvas


30” x 30”


Artist Statement:

…I have been intrigued by the theme of this show from the first time I saw it on the Cafe website.  So much needs improvement.  And how many times have I asked myself, How can you ignore this?  This doesn't make any sense!  Everything I do in art and in life in some way asks this question.  Nowhere more than in the arena of consumerism, which is why I chose Testimony as my only entry.  What could we be doing more wrong than pursuing unrestrained avarice to the point of destroying self, family, and society--maybe even life itself.  I consider luxury rehab to be the pinnacle of the idiocy of consumerism.  How can we do this?  What are we thinking?  Mother Theresa said that if we want to save the world we should go home and love our families, not send them to luxury rehab.  Wow.


It is my hope and prayer that we are as a society phasing out consumerism, and with it white male domination.  These young people have reached the end of consumerism--addiction replete with luxury rehab.  This counselor has their attention.  He has their respect.  What did he/will he tell them?