Miller Lyle - The Bigger Picture

The Bigger Picture


Miller Lyle
(Cincinnati, OH)




21” x 14”


Artist Statement:

The Bigger Picture is an attempt to reckon to the atrocities humankind has committed against our planet and its wildlife. The image asks viewers to recognize and acknowledge the major problems we are creating in the environment and begs them to alter their behavior and be more respectful of our home.

The Bigger Picture confronts and blames humankind for environmental barbarities by saying “the blood is on your hands.” The Monarch butterfly, a delicate and harmless insect, is becoming endangered for two primary reasons: through deforestation we are eradicating milkweed, the Monarchs’ premier source of food, and climate change is making many areas where it was abundant too warm for it to grow and survive.

My hope is that the Bigger Picture will coerce viewers to contemplate their role in this looming desolation and begs them to be more eco-friendly.