O Yemi Tubi - The Broken Liberty

The Broken Liberty


O Yemi Tubi
(Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom)


Oil on Canvas


36” x 48”


Artist Statement:

I am a Nigerian born, American trained Artist, currently residing in the United Kingdom as an artist with a creative personal style. I paint in acrylic and watercolour, but my favoured medium is oil paints. My recent paintings were influenced by the political and social upheaval of our world today and the works of the Renaissance artists.

The theme of my works, in general, is ""The Facts of Life: Roses and Thorns.""  Life is roses and thorns; sometimes it emanates the sweet aroma of pleasantness and sometimes it pricks and causes pains.  I often use Roses and Thorns for portrait paintings of the facts of life of people. I first used Roses and Thorns in my political painting - “THE BLEEDING ROSES”, since then I adopted this floral iconography style - Roses and Thorns as my own unique style in some of my paintings like “DOMESTIC ABUSE”, GELE (African Head Wrap): Vintage and Modern, SENSUALITY1: Pain and Pleasure and others


The killing of George Floyd and other killings of black people made me think figuratively that America’s Liberty is not only cracked but it is a Broken Liberty which is the title of this painting - The Broken Liberty.