Devan Horton - Bounty



Devon Horton
(Bellevue, KY)


Oil on Canvas


40" x 30"


Artist Statement:

In my series, Penchant, I am exploring our cultures obsession with consumption and waste by analyzing our relationship with trash. Through experimentation with color and texture threatening piles of trash evoke feelings of curiosity and playfulness while also creating a sense of foreboding. I aim to confront my audience with this obsession allowing them to rethinking their own individual relationship with the things they consume. I frequently turn towards nature. In order to assist in the cultural shift in mindset that I feel is imperative, I even more frequently focus on the more unpleasant realities that we have created in nature. This shift in mindset can manifest internally or as a larger call-to-action. Penchant fetishizes our relationship with trash in hopes to convince others that even with the endless social and economic issues compounding around us, our planet is always of the utmost importance, and we must work together to preserve its beauty for generations to come.


This piece is the ghost of a bountiful family gathering. We love the time we get to spend with our family, but sometimes that makes us blind to the amount of waste we're producing. We should be able to teach our families how to be more mindful and a family dinner is the perfect opportunity to do so.