2023 Signature Artwork Winner


Flag Repair


Judith Peck
(Great Falls, Virginia)


Oil on Board


30” W x 40” H


Artist Statement:

I look at the things happening in the world today, and what history has taught us about our broken world and I can’t stop being drawn into the unreason of it all. What I try to express in my art is that we all have the same hopes and dreams as anyone, anywhere at any time in the present or throughout history. I depict how, despite our rifts, we might experience healing in a broken world, and how that undertaking is universally human. My goal is that my paintings draw in viewers with empathy by depicting individuals with rich inner lives and compassionate personae.


Poet Wislawa Szymborska, the Polish Nobel Laureate wrote, “We know how to divide ourselves. But to put ourselves together? This painting inspired by Szymborska’s words looks at our current state and our beautiful country and asks to bridge the divide.