Micheal Hensley
(Cincinnati, Ohio)


Acrylic and Mixed Media


24” W x 48” H


Artist Statement:

For forty years I put my artistic passion on hold as I worked my way through a career in advertising. During that time I was given the opportunity to work extensively in Europe and Asia, experiencing local cultures and natural environments. Taking that global exposure I picked up the paint brush again in 2018 and started painting with the energy and passion of an emerging artist. Today I have become a very active member of the Cincinnati art community, in addition to having co-owned an art gallery I display in various galleries, participate in local artist groups and exhibits in national and local art competitions.

On a personal note, I draw on my Appalachian background, where education was not a priority and my artistic talents were not accepted. That experience forced me to push beyond the very limited expectations that surrounded me to create my own goals and vision for the future.  My sympathy for struggle and perseverance comes from that unique background.


WHY CAN’T WE GET THIS RIGHT? A country built of the hopes and dreams of all those who came before us, immigration is the most significant and enduring aspect of our culture. Our government and politicians on all sides are failing us in protecting and adjusting immigration to a new global reality.

STAR STRUCK. Arms reaching for the stars and their salvation. In support of those around the world who dream and strive to live in a country where their family can prosper and their beliefs can be voiced without fear of persecution.  It’s their dream that made this country great and our future so bright.