Tower Rock


Martin Dunn
(Bradenton, Florida)


Oil on Canvas


36” W x 24” H


Artist Statement:

"The painter is the eyes of the world." Otto Dix

" is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them."  Agatha Christie

And people, especially people of my tribe, look pretty ridiculous right now.  One has only to read the news or check their social media feed.  We truly are doing it all wrong.  Everybody knows it.  Everybody senses that we are in a car spinning out of control.  My paintings have assumed the above, but for the past year or so have come to the realization that the brakes don't work either.  This is going to happen.  Where will you stand, or will you stand at all?  What hill will you die on?  What will you let slide?  Because you look ridiculous, and it makes me love you in all your anxiety and polarization and entitlement.  I love you.  Be prepared.


Did you know the Mississippi went dry?  How about the Rhine or the Yangtzee?  This painting was started with the intention of alerting people to an overlooked climate catastrophe, but it evolved into something else.  The two young people have a panoramic view as the disaster unfolds.  They are unemotional, detached, watching it play out.  They know this car is out of control and the brakes have failed.  Yikes.