Change the Police Culture


Nathan Conner
(Springfield, Ohio)




36” W x 24” H


Artist Statement:
My name is Nathan Conner. I’m an artist located in Springfield ,Ohio . I’m originally from Toledo , Ohio . I went to the University of Toledo and majored in Theatrical Design . I also attended CCAD and majored in fashion illustrations. Art has always been my passion and after retirement, I’m finally fulfilling my dreams . I’m deeply invested in the art community here in Springfield ,and Dayton Ohio . I’m one of the artists at Hatch Artist Studios , and a member of the Public Arts Committee in Springfield. In addition, I’m a member of the Mad River Art League, and AAVAG in Dayton. I won 3rd place in the Juried Members Exhibition in 2021 at the Springfield Museum of Art. I was one of the lead artist for the”Transformation Mural “ which was part of the” Finding Harmony “ show. It was part of the John Legend/ ABC Disney productions. I was interviewed on DATV “ Art in the Spirit “ show, also I participated in AAVAG members exhibition and Edward A Dixon gallery for Black History Month .

Recently the police culture has changed from protecting and serving the people, to committing brutal crimes of killing people of color. This is happening especially with African Americans males who are being treated less than human beings. The most recent is a killing of an unarmed black man, by black police officers, a few feet’s from his home. It has shown that this isn’t just a race problem, but the culture of policing. This type of gang like behavior needs to change in our police departments. This is the inspiration for my painting. The painting is showing, somewhere between the arrest and the death of an unarmed black man. He’s no longer a citizen, father, son, or a person of humanity. He’s a ….victim , fighting for survival! While knowing his life will soon be over, by the very ones whose job is to protect and serve.