Don Manderson - Slow Burn


Slow Burn


Don Manderson
(Pensacola, Florida)


Digital Photography Augmented with Fabricated Imagery


40” W x 40” H


Artist Statement:

My work examines the simultaneous and insistent nature of the human sensory experience in a society that is increasingly technical and transitory. This is exemplified by society’s expectations for individuals to simultaneously process and act on input from multiple digital and analog sources while experiencing the spectrum of human interactions (conversation, advertisement, entertainment, social media, education, art, journalism, etc.). The imagery in my work is inspired by my subconscious and dream state attempts to reconcile this relentless sensory bombardment, which often distorts important social and political information. The resulting digital montages present multiple translucent image layers that interact visually and metaphorically requiring viewers to infer a piece's social and/or political narrative in a manner that is reminiscent of their own simultaneous sensory experiences.


All titles speak to the increasing corruption and ineffectiveness of social, religious and political institutions that have preciously served to improve the human condition and to progress the dialectic.