Aimee Fresia - June 13 2020


June 13 2020


Aimee Fresia
(Lees Summit, Montana)


Acrylic and Collage on Board


35” W x 24” H


Artist Statement:

I often feel overwhelmed with the degree of connectedness that exists in our modern world, and need time to react to what I experience. Using photos and the environment around me for inspiration, I take time to carefully arrange realistic painting with layered collaged elements. My work is an honest reaction to things I don’t always understand, points of view I cannot fathom and conversations that leave me more angry than enlightened. Even when I’m busy and distracted, I return to certain scenes and events over and over, studying it from every angle and decision. My life has been full of the unexpected, and while I muddle through, I study and analyze everything. This often leads me down paths I dwell on for months or years at a time.


Realistic painting of a burning Wendy's with a collaged figure.