Peter Bartczak - Nuclear Family Exposure


Nuclear Family Exposure


Peter Bartczak
(Royal Oaks, California)


Acrylics on Wood Panel


20” W x 23” H


Artist Statement:

I love the ironies and paradoxes of life and find it funny that we discover the truth where the supposed opposites meet - contrast, contradiction, and conflict. My job as an artist is to shake people out of their day to day daze so they will view ordinary things and events in a different light. My images are catalysts to evoke magic, which dies when we stop being open to the odd.
I don't offer solutions – only more interesting questions. I enjoy making the big small, the small big, the ordinary unusual and the unusual normal. Surrealism gives me a lot of freedom to shake up old assumptions and I wrap everything up in a beautiful light, just so it goes down easier.
Good art gets a reaction – whether it is bad or good doesn't make a difference. Indifference is the worst insult.


Two young children play ring - around - the - rosey with a nuclear bomb mushroom cloud at their center, completely oblivious to the danger.