Devan Horton - The Price We'll Pay


The Price We'll Pay


Devan Horton
(Bellevue, Kentucky)


Oil and Sand on Canvas


20” W x 20” H


Artist Statement:

My work has always been climate focused. Over the past few years I have been working on a series of paintings discussing our society's addiction to consumption and waste. I confronted my audience with trash filled landscapes in an attempt, for them, to become more mindfully aware of their consumption habits. I've recently decided to take on other climate factors such as fossil fuels and factory farming with the hopes of possibly developing a new series. These are my two newest pieces born out of this period experimentation. With all of my work I hope to show my audience that even through the endless social and economic issues compounding around us, our planet is always of the utmost importance. We as a species must work together to preserve its beauty for generations to come.


The dollar costs of rising meat prices are not the only prices we'll pay.